Sirka Louca, LCSW-R

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Type of issues do you treat?
 Anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief, divorce/separation,  abuse, trauma, adoption and sexuality/gender-orientation are some of the main  issues I work with. 

 What types of clients do you work with?
 Individuals, couples, families and groups.

 What age range do you work with?
 I begin treatment with adolescents at age 13, and I work with teens, adults and  seniors. 

 Do you take my insurance?
 I am a provider for some insurances, but not all of them.  Many insurances  allow for out-of-network mental health coverage and will reimburse you for your  expenses. A quick phone call will determine this. If I'm not a provider for your  insurance, I will be happy to help you find out what your coverage is and make  it as simple as possible to get reimbursed.   
 While it's important to consider budgetary constraints, when it comes to any  matters of health, it is equally important to consider quality of care. 

 How often should I come to therapy?
 Generally, treatment is recommended once per week. During times of acute  stress, more often may be necessary. 

 How long is a therapy session?
 An individual therapy session lasts roughly 45 minutes.

 What about my privacy?
 Your privacy is a high priority to me.  I will never discuss you or your treatment  with anyone without your knowledge and consent; with the exception of a dire  emergency that threatens the safety of yourself or others.